Dating Ideas

Mmmh… Dating… Old, young, quirky, conservative, it doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have in your pocket, we all love the dating experience. But here comes the clincher. We’re all different and depending on whom you want to impress or want to continue impressing, the goal of dating is but one; to leave a lasting impression! The first rule of dating is to know your date. Once you have some idea of their likes, dislikes, strengths and weakness I have some dating ideas that you can try out for yourself….

1. Dinner and a movie. Stop groaning. Polls taken and compiled revealed that dinner and a movie remains a popular dating experience. It’s also one of the no-brainers. Your work is already done, basically. Movie theaters never run out of movies to show and dinner options can range from burgers and fries at the food court to a reserved table at Cipriani’s. It all depends on your mood and pocket.

2. Take your date on a tour. This depends on your date’s preferences, of course. It’s even better if they are new to the area and you get to be the show-off tour guide for the moment. It could be a nature walk or a national landmark but it’s worth a day trip.

3. For the scholarly at heart, libraries and museums are great date options. If you both share these interests, conversations about the history and culture on display will serve as effective icebreakers. Another advantage of this dating idea is that you end up swapping helpful information.

4. Good ‘ol happy hour dates are also popular. I’m talking coffee after work, ice cream on a Sunday afternoon or a cold one at your favorite pub on a hot summer night.

5. Teach your date something new and outdoorsy. But that’s only after you’ve done some reconnaissance, of course. There’s nothing more embarrassing than signing up for deep sea diving only to find out that your date is water phobic. Other interesting date ideas of this nature include teaching your date how to drive, bike, boat… the list is endless.

6. Do you have a great viewpoint in your area? I’m talking a high peak that overlooks your town? You can take your date up there at night and on a blanket, watch the town go about its nocturnal rhythm. The distant twinkling lights make it all the more romantic. Don’t forget to carry a sweater.

7. I like stargazing, as do many people I have learned so you can’t go wrong using this as a date idea. The right telescope and the right view will make the experience memorable.

8. Invite your date to a cookout. These are fun, loud and can help dispel any awkwardness that you are both still grappling with.

9. Karaoke is another fun dating idea. It’s not an audition for American Idol so relax and get into the groove. Audiences are usually generous with their applause.

10. Go dancing. Hip-hop clubs, Salsa at the community hall, raves… need I say more?

11. Have a board game night. Include other couples and order takeout. You can never go wrong with puzzles and scrabble.

12. Take your date to a concert. You have two options on this one. Either drag them to see your favorite band or surprise them with tickets to see theirs.

13. Go for a drive. Make a weekend out of it if you have been dating for a while. Stop at fruit or flea markets or garage sales as you go along. If you prefer the open road, that’s okay too. There is so much scenery out there and it’s also very relaxing.

14. Assemble something together and include dinner or a drink as a bribe to involve your date. This could range from helping your kids with their class project or putting together cupboards and beds. Make the task light and not dread-worthy.

15. Turn on your creative juices. If a lot of monotony revolves around your date’s life then spring them from work or school and make a day of it. Visit a theme park or picnic by a lake. You can also burn the hours by setting off in a hot air balloon. You choose.

Now that you have some dating ideas don’t just sit there…choose one that tickles your fancy and try it out today if possible, or at the next weekend. There is no better time to start like right now.

Rosy Anderson is a researcher in social economic issues. Visit here for questions you need to ask to really know your partner and for 12 secrets on how to revamp your relationship.

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